Architecture and Design Expertise

  • uArch Specification to Net list
  • Chip planning, interface details and detailed micro architecture for all PD modules.
  • Experience in leading and implementing complex algorithmic designs.
  • Designed chip up to 16FF technology with more than 12M instances and up to 512Mb embedded memory.
  • Experience in designing for timing closure friendly for speed up to 1.2GHz.
  • Ethernet and Interlaken Phy and MAC designs.
  • PCIe implementation up to Gen4 and 16-lanes supporting 1, 2 or 4 ports
  • Up to 48 56G PAM4 serdes integration.
  • AVS and power islands for power saving.

Design Verification Expertise

  • SoC, ASIC Full-chip, Sub-system and IP level Verification
  • Mixed-language verification using SystemVerilog, Specman-e, Vera, C/C++, Verilog/VHDL OVM, VMM and UVM based environment
  • VIP/BFMs, Protocol monitors and checkers
  • Architecture models in C / System Verilog
  • Directed & Constrained Random verification
  • Functional coverage driven verification
  • Code coverage analysis
  • Assertion based formal verification
  • Low Power Design verification
  • Gate Level Simulations
  • Formal Verification
  • Emulations using Palladium / Z1
  • Chip bringup and ATE Vector Generation & Support

DFT Expertise

  • Mentor Tessent/Synopsys DFT compiler for hierarchical scan insertion
  • Option to insert membist in RTL or netlist
  • BISR chain for auto loading all needed redundancy and configuration from OTP/Efuse
  • At-speed scan and LBIST to cover more than 99% of logic
  • Extensive experience in bringing up chip in ATE and support till production including HTOL, ESD, functional validation in the lab.

Physical Design Implementation Expertise

PD implementation

  • Floor planning
  • Place and Route
  • CTS

STA & Design Analysis

  • Constraint Generation
  • Budgeting
  • Timing Sign of
  • Xtalk, Noise ,Signal integrity
  • AOCV and POCV

Physical Verification & DFM

  • LVS, DRC, EEC, ESD, Antenna
  • OPC, CMP, Yield, etc.

Analog & Mixed Signal Layout Expertise

  • Exposure to multiple technology nodes, 130u to 16nm.
  • Chip planning, interface details and detailed micro architecture for all PD modules.
  • Floor planning Transistor & Block level layout, Power planning, critical signals interaction at block, IP & chip level.
  • Bump and ESD planning.
  • EMIR, thermal aware EMIR, DFM, Density, Client specific custom rules and support to PD/chip level issues.
  • Efficiency of layout to minimize effort/man hours. (ex: reuse of blocks to make use in both NS and EW orientations)
  • Distribution of tasks and supervising delivering best quality by having timely reviews with clients.
  • Post layout support.
  • Creation of test benches for simulations to reduce dependency of layout completion and avoid convergence.
  • Skill coding for productive layouts.