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Our Skills

DesSOC - RTL to GDSign


AMS Layout


Front end development & verification


Embedded Development


IC packaging


Welcome to Digicomm

DIGICOMM Semiconductor Pvt Ltd is a young semiconductor solutions provider. We accentuate Industry's business by providing our skilled and professional, technical services to fasten SOC development life cycles. DigicomM offers a exclusive combination of research and development consultancy, to Semiconductor Vendors.

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Our Vision

We are committed to enhance and excel cutting edge technology along with time driven methodology, to accentuate our clients for faster delivery of their end products. We would reminiscent of superlative consultants in SOC design by our expertise and motivation towards success.

Why Choose Us

Our goal is to be the best in the segments of the services that DigicomM provides.Provide superior quality technical expertise to our customers and focus towards customer satisfaction,which mutually mount us ahead of technology and competition.

Invovative Approach Of Expertise

DigicomM works with customers to help them get to market ahead of the competition, and stay focused on new product development and manufacturing. With deep understanding of the semiconductor industry, access to current and emerging technologies, mature development processes, we creates complete solutions to help clients succeed.

SOC Solution Provider

Physical Design Expert
STA Expert
Layout Design Expert
Front End Experts

VLSI & Embedded Services

We provide comprehensive SOC design services for semiconductor companies.

Our Expertise

Our Team has experience in Industry widely used EDA tools in Front end and Back end used in SOC Integration , Verification , Synthesise , STA, Physical Design (Auto Place n Route ) SOC Physical Extraction and Verification.

DIGICOMM is Committed & entirely responsible for our client's product quality, their time to market delivery . Our Engineers have wide expertise of 5-10 yrs , across various domains (wireless , automobile , industrial application , networking ) and are dedicated to provide our superlative services . For every Account , we have one senior lead and middle level engineer to execute the projects. We are getting market rewards based on our technical capablities .


We have a blend of Hardware and software expertise and system level development. A unique combination of team, who can develop the designs from scratch to system, with niche technological skills of Android, embedded firmware development, Board designing and testing.


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Android based / Web based product development.
IOT product development.
Microcontroller based product development.
FPGA based products.
DSP based products.
Image sensor development.
GPS, GPRS based product development.


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USB Host & Slave, SD, multimedia.
WiFi, Wireless.
Sound, Lcd, Keypad.
I2C, I2S, SPDIF, UART, Ethernet, SPI protocols expertise.


We are a team of Research and development engineers, involved in creating solutions (blending innovation, technology, hardware and software) benchmarked to the global best.